wonderful of indonesian

live i will share informationabout indonesian.in indonesian very much league,etnic group,tourismplace,food,and more.

i write eight indonesian more than in the world.

1.indonesian have island bali .

bali is paradise in the world .much visitor wish see beautiful bali.from beach,culture,meal of the bali and other

2.borobudur temple

the greatest temple in the world.and one by one the seven magic in the world

3.gong cave

location bomo vilagge,punung subdistrick,pacitan regency,and east java province.gong cave is the best cave in southeast asia

4.komodo island location ntt.

we certain amazes after coming in komodo island because there are very a lot of komodo.this is too komodo island one by one the seven magic in the world versi new 7 wonder

5have 300 leaugue

6.gamelan inside unesco

7joko widodo the best guide society

8 rajaampat

under sea is better in the world