is one of school favorit in east java and indonesian 2014 namely mts ma’arif bomo and ma ma’arif bomo.

000000000iklan~sampoernakn ibdh00001a00002330000545mts ma’arif bomo and ma ma’arif bomo is school religi with purpose become student sincere,knowledge and creed too useful for society.adress;bomo village,punung subdistrick,pacitan regency and east java province.this is year the open for new student 2014 for elementary school to mts ma’arif bomo (junior high school) and junior to school to ma ma’arif bomo(senior high school).much media support,fasilitas and laboratorium nice.

enough here share and information important about it,thank you already visit blog nurahmanafandi don’t forget follow @afandicintadia or@nurahmanafandi ok.000581 00063510447643_722125007851368_5896777966599078886_n 20140615_152643l 20140615_153036 20140615_215846jjj 20140627_141856 20140701_093037ajt 20140703_160707o 20140627_141740 beauty kaligrafi ANIME PUASA colourful kaligrafi(59176) DSC_0000253 buang pnykit DSC_0000517 DSC_0000515DSC_0000508 FORBID PUASA iklan~bismillah kaligrafi asmaun husna iklan~laki shalat di masjid IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0303 IMG_0093 kaligrafi jungle m4 ma ma ma'arifxj sesungguhnya(2396) TUNAIKAN PUASA TUNAIKAN PUASA RMDHN MUBRAK prshbtndan foto nurahmanafandi1aku 1nurahmanafandi folktales DSC_0000007


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