profil nurahmanafandi or nur rohman affandi too fandiver indonesia(fanbase nurahmanafandi)

more know me can live look name;nur rohman afandi twitter@afandicintadia born date and place:ponorogo,january 19th 1996.religi;islamic from indonesian.aspire;actor have mother is wakinem,dad is noel,little brother is panji dwi armanu.grand father is wagiran and grand mother is sumi.hobby fanbase is fandiver indonesia.why my fanbase fandiver because take from last name and lover become fandiver.

i am blogger since old famous 2013.i am alumnus ma ma’arif bomo or senior high school.ever work as seller food,coolie,marketing and blogger.

1ahave motivation is”human everday always learn from what is see and what is see too what is get.need passion and team work1aku 1nurahmanafandi folktales 20140503_093210a DSC_0000007 DSC_0000197 DSC_0000291 DSC_0000292 DSC_0000296 DSC_0000298 DSC_0000300 DSC_0000338 DSC_0000345 DSC_0000390photos nurahmanafandi or nur rohman affandi (original)DSC_0000392 DSC_0000445 DSC_0000446 DSC_0000450 DSC_0000451 DSC_0000454 DSC_0000453 DSC_0000455 DSC_0000457 DSC_0000459 DSC_0000462 DSC_0000585 DSC_0000467 DSC_0000465 DSC_0000586 DSC_0000583 DSC_0000589 DSC_0000595 fa fa22 Foto0502 Foto0503 Foto0933 Foto0934 foto aq kecil foto aq digedong ibuand lasti'm IMG_0308 p3 my little sister2


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