Meet The Smartest Emoji In The Chat Room


The hotly contested digital sticker space has a new face in it today: Sm@rt Stickrs is a startup that’s aiming to elbow its way into your messaging affections with a new type of emoji that gets smarter the more you use it. That’s right, these are not just any emoticons. These are artificially intelligent emoticons.

“Initially our stickers look like any other emoji, with the same cartoon features and limited emotional range. But take a closer look and you’ll find yourself wondering whether that winking smilie or time-out gesture is actually conveying something far more subtle and uniquely personal to you,” says Sm@rt Stickrs co-founder Dorian Gray.

“That’s because Smart Stickers have an inner life — thanks to our unique machine learning algorithms. Bottom line: these stickers are deeply human.”

“Every time you use a Sm@rt Stickr, it gets smarter,” he continues. “Our platform does this by analyzing the linguistic context in which…

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