Drive-by shootings


A long yawn ago, when I was young, enthusiastic, and employed as a real photographer, I’d take an hour to set-up a few strung together moments of imagery, careful to get the lights just so, with all the eyes open.

I took my time making memories for others.

These days, I’m rarely still when I make an image for myself … especially while on the road.

For, The Road waits for no one who’s on it. It’s everywhere you are, sitting like a large-eyed puppy, begging you to run along beside it.

Even if I move my mind, my eyes and my camera into the slowest lane possible, it’s still like flying. I’m reading every roadside sign, billboard and face in my periphery. Camera is almost on, just a second–before my subject approaches from out of the bug-gutted view at 72 miles per hour, wide open aperture @ 500th of a second, the…

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