Report: Dwayne Wade’s friend telling people Heat offered guard $36 million over next three years


Dwayne Wade and the Heat are at an impasse.

Due $16,125,000 next season if he exercises his player option, Wade reportedly wants $20 million per year.

The Heat reportedly want to pay him under $10 million per season.

But those reports have overlooked a key factor – how the money would be structured.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

A friend of Dwyane Wade has been telling people that Miami’s preference is to give Wade $36 million over three years — $16 million this season, then $10 million and $10 million.

That’s quite a difference from Wade’s preference for $60 million over three, according to that friend. Neither the Heat nor his agent is confirming numbers. I would expect that gap to close somewhat, but the question is how much.

Wade has indicated he’ll opt out, which would blow up that plan.

But I’m not…

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