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You’re probably shocked to know that there is another opinion other than mine which might be worth hearing. In turns out, I’m imperfect. I hate to admit it, but there it is. Life marches on, but consider the alternative.


conversation 1: THE THERMOSTAT

My thermostat no longer works. It started with menopause, but didn’t end there. Although my husband is … a man … and not subject to the full Monte of mind and body altering experiences that this special Time of Life engenders, he seems to have a broken thermostat too. Apparently it’s another of the many fascinating things that happen as we age. Neither of us is sure if it’s hot, cold — or us.

version A:

“Is it hot or is it me?”

“It’s hot.”

“Oh, good. I’ll turn on the fan.”


“Is it hot or is it me?”

“It’s not hot. It’s a bit chilly.”

“Maybe it’s hot and you are chilly.”


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